Client: Urban Spaces
Project duration: 2014-2019
Gross area: 3.450 m²

Matrix of unit types

As in some Bucharest courtyards where houses that share a common yard are attached one to another, seven larger homes are placed along a deep courtyard with a broken, imprecise contour, opened less to the street and more to that obscure core which hides very often among the streets of the city. Furthermore, these houses contain within other houses which are overlapped and adjacent, with distinct entrances, porches, gardens and terraces or just niches towards either the western front entrance courtyard or the more intimate eastern courtyard to the back. In between these two narrow courtyards lay all the dwellings with private spaces connected to both of them, which allow the morning and afternoon sunlight to reach in through their open doors and windows, thus, each home becomes accustomed to its orientation and vicinity. Probably, the future residents will get acquainted with each other in a similar manner.


Andrei Șerbescu
Adrian Untaru
Petra Bodea
Bogdan Brădățeanu
Mihail Filipenco

©Laurian Ghinițoiu
©Andrei Mărgulescu
©Daniel Miroțoi
©Mihai Rotaru

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